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Strives to be the Very Best Toddler Formula
The Best Organic Start

Nature’s One believes breast milk is the baby’s best organic option. Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Forumla is intended for toddlers 1-year and older or as directed by a healthcare professional. After formula feeding or breast feeding the first year, Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formula is a good nutritional choice to assure continuation of strong growth and development.

Quality Organic Nutrition
Nature’s One recognizes the importance of providing the highest quality nutritional toddler formula possible. Our company sets its ingredient standard beyond required; by sourcing only the best organic ingredients, including milk from organic family farms. Baby’s Only Organic Start Toddler Formula is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Compare to Other Brands
Parents should be aware that Nature’s One does not use less desirable ingredients like organic corn syrup (also called glucose syrup), organic palm olein oil and hexane processed DHA. Rest assured that Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formula will never contain inferior ingredients. Nature’s One only uses high quality ingredients and supports organic integrity.

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